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Collaboration + Facilitation

Integrated Design Management + Facilitation
How do you resolve the competing and complex issues that make up today’s most sustainable solutions? 

It requires more than a ‘charrette’.  Achieving cost effective, sustainable development lies in the power of collaborative or integrative design processes. 

UrbanGreen’s proven ability as a facilitator of inter-disciplinary teams provides clients an effective, and cost-efficient way to harness the power of multiple firms. The next generation of meaningful solutions will come from processes that include multiple firms and disciplines, some who have not worked together before. Leading them effectively requires an experienced hand that can set aside egos, define and manage outcomes, and ask the right questions to effectively frame the decisions that need to be made at the appropriate time in the development process.


Best-of-Class Consultant Access
Given the complexity of sustainable development issues, and the number of firms claiming to have sustainability as a core competency, how do you know you are getting the best talent for your specific needs?    

UrbanGreen has international experience leading searches, working with, and managing consulting teams.  Our clients gain access to our hands-on knowledge earned through years of working with or leading workshops with many of the most recognized design practices.  This provides our clients insights into who is best-of-class for specific issues, or whose individual work style is most compatible with your company’s operating style. 

Our decades of project work and industry connections distinguish UrbanGreen as being able to identify and attract some of the brightest minds in the field to your project.

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