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Presentations + Educational Opportunities

The ideas we have originated and the best practices we have documented are regularly shared at national workshops, conferences and symposia. The following highlights upcoming events and catalogs some of our most well attended and requested conference presentations.


ULI Advanced Real Estate Development, Arlington, VA
“Mixed Use and Multi Use”

June 9 - 11, 2014

ULI Real Estate Entrepreneur Program, Austin, TX
“Small-Scale Developers Forum 2014”

March 24 - 25, 2014

ULI Study Tour, San Francisco, CA
“Mixed Use for the New Economy”

February 5 - 7, 2014


ULI Spring Meeting, San Diego, CA
Ask for the latest UrbanGreen(R) Index results on “Location, Value and Sustainability” 

May 15 - 17, 2013

Presentation to the ULI Redevelopment and Reuse Council, San Diego, CA
"From Greenfield to Urban Core: The Planned Community of the Future”

May 16th, 2013

Keynote for UDI, Edmonton, Canada
“The Evolution of the Planned Community: Lessons from the United States”

May 29th, 2013

Sustainable City Development anno 2050, Brussels, Belgium
“Building the Future”

June 20th, 2013

From the Region to the Individual: Ten Trends Shaping Sustainability in the Next Decade, Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaii ULI District Council

December 6th, 2012

Leading or Lagging? Hawaii’s Destiny with Sustainability , Honolulu, Hawaii Kohala Coast, Hawaii Hawaii Leeward Planning Council

October 26th, 2012

Shaping Moscow’s Future, Summary of the 2011 Panel Advisory Service Denver, CO ULI Annual Meeting

October 18th, 2012
In December of 2011, ULI Organized a blue ribbon panel that evaluated Russia’s mandate to move its federal offices from the center of Moscow to a new, greenfield site in the exurbs of the city. Following that panel, a team led by Urban Design Associates of Pittsburgh won the top prize in an international competition for the design of the new Russian Federal Center in a recently annexed territory of Moscow. Jim Heid, as Chair of ULI’s international review panel, and Paul Ostergaard, AIA, Managing Principal of Urban Design Associates will the results of their related efforts on this challenging policy and planning study.


What's Next., ULI Future Session San Francisco, CA

On June 26 at Gensler, 25 invited ULI District Council members met with ULI researchers to discuss major real estate trends in consolidations, specialization, globalization and localization, and technology, among other topics. This emphasizes not only the greater Bay Area as a vital part of the nation’s real estate outlook, but the highly regarded expertise and knowledge of San Francisco District Council members.

ULI Real Estate School: Advanced Residential Development, Washington DC Four day workshop - lead instructor and moderator

The course provided an in-depth look at the wide range of forces shaping residential property development and the differing opinions about where we are headed. All aspects of the residential development process were explored over a variety of product types and settings, including urban infill, high-density, and transit-oriented development (TOD); suburban densification and mixed-use center components; and traditional neighborhood developments.

Economics of Sustainability , MARC (Mid-America Regional Council) Kansas City, MO.

Building on his article ‘Reinventing Real Estate – Why the next 24 months are more important than the past 24 years’, this presentation explored new ways real estate value is being created and how changing demographics and urban settings may make the profession of Real Estate Development the problem solvers for the next decade’s environmental challenges.

Sustainable Project Management, UC Berkeley Extension Program San Francisco Six week studio - lead instructor

Which community based green rating system and which process is best to use when dealing with community development. This six week studio rated the rating systems and compared their individual strength’s and weaknesses across a number of known elements for community sustainability.

Managing the Small Scale Enterprise, ULI Executive Forum San Francisco and Washington D.C. - Two day workshop - lead instructor and moderator

February | April
As development moves from big mega-projects to small scale guerilla infill and organic regeneration, the small scale developer may be the frontline of sustainable urbanism. But what does it take to stay in the game, find financing and deal with the day-to-day challenges of running one’s own enterprise while trying to do great projects? This two day workshop, attended by selected developers only, looked closely at the shared challenges and success stories of a number of experienced and emerging developers.


Shaping the Future of Moscow, Concluding Report of the ULI Panel Advisory Services City of Moscow Mayor’s Office, Moscow Russia


The Evolution of the Planned Community, Urban Land Institute Annual Meeting, Los Angeles Slides and movie clip


Re-inventing Real Estate: One Potential Future, Idaho Urban Research Design Center, Boise Ten week graduate studio – co-instructor


Urban Design Studio, Idaho Urban Research Design Center University of Idaho Boise, ID

September - November

Striving for Sustainability: Lessons from Abu Dhabi, AIA COTE, San Francisco


Breaking Barriers: Defining Solutions for Planned Communities of the Future, ULI Think Tank, Los Angeles


The Future of the Planned Community, PCBC 2011, San Francisco


ULI Real Estate School: Advanced Residential Development, Los Angeles Four day workshop - lead instructor and moderator


Gerald D Hines | Urban Land Institute, Urban Design Competition Final Jury Summary Seattle, WA


Seven Principles for Sustainable Urbanism, Hawaii Chapter of the ASLA



Development of Sustainable Policy for Regional Change around the World, Greenbuild — Chicago, IL 

November 17 – 19, 2010

Green Infrastructure, The Backbone of the Sustainable Community

Panel discussion will present a global view of how policy makers, economists, engineers, designers and developers are learning from each other.   The panel will examine three examples of innovative policy work especially as it integrates zoning, code and oversight of implementation: the Abu Dhabi Plan 2030, the Guangzhou’s Baietan Sustainability Plan, and San Francisco Bay Area Climate Change Adaptation Policy.
Jim Heid — Panelist register
Sustainable Policies, Regulation or Voluntary Programs: Which Has the Greatest Impact on Development?,
Urban Land Institute — Washington DC 

October 12 – 15, 2010

Green Infrastructure, The Backbone of the Sustainable Community

Green development has evolved around the world in different ways, from responses to government initiatives to adherence to voluntary programs. The panel will examine the effect on development from government initiatives including San Francisco Green Building Program, Abu Dhabi’s Plan 2030, Guangzhou, China’s Sustainability Plan, and New York City’s PlaNYC. The panel will compare the effectiveness at shaping development on these government-led initiatives and contrast them with the voluntary adoption by developers of LEED, BREEAM and Green Point Rating.
Jim Heid — Panelist register

West Coast Green, Fort Mason — San Francisco, CA 

September 30 – October 2, 2010

Green Infrastructure, The Backbone of the Sustainable Community

West Coast Green is the preeminent symposium on green innovation. It isabout scalable solutions for smart communities of the future. A catalyst for what’s coming next. Be part of the world's largest launch pad for new ventures, products, and social innovations in green.
Jim Heid — Presentor register
Global Exchange: The Best Sustainable Codes, Standards and Policies, ASLA — Washington DC  September 10 – 13, 2010

Green Infrastructure, The Backbone of the Sustainable Community

This presentation will focus on the unique and important relationship between zoning, building code and sustainability rating methods. Examples of how various cities throughout the world are integrating these tools to enhance sustainable community development will be reviewed. Regional successes (in Asia, the Middle East and the Americas) and their impact on positive local change in sustainable policy will be discussed. Learn what the most progressive cities in the world are doing in terms of sustainable development initiatives, climate change adaptation, and energy conservation and management.

Jim Heid — Panelist

Advanced Residential Development, Washington DC  June 11 - 14, 2010

Green Infrastructure, The Backbone of the Sustainable Community

This four day ULI class is part of the Certificate in Real Estate Development curriculum. In addition to extensive project tours and presentations from development and design team members, this course also includes valuable in-class “skills sessions” on feasibility, sales and marketing, financing and capital structures, and planning and design. Using some of the DC areas recent and most celebrated residential projects as their laboratory, course will expose students to innovative concepts in residential development. The course is designed for those confident in their general skills and knowledge of residential development, but looking for more advanced thinking in best practices.
Jim Heid — Instructor register
Developing Sustainable Communities, Austin TX date TBD

developing sustainable communities

Building on ULI’s Principles and Practices of Sustainable Development workshop, this new ULI program will provide attendees with detailed information, rules of thumb, metrics, and evolving science surrounding sustainable land development. Hands-on exercises will demonstrate how programming, planning, and design impact development decisions that have a direct and indirect effect on a community’s sustainability. This workshop will address a range of factors influencing a community’s sustainability including water resource management, stormwater management, transportation design, energy usage and reduction, and carbon emissions. Case studies will illustrate current best practices including resource efficiency, transportation impacts and alternatives, renewable energy production, social equity strategies, and emerging programs.
Jim Heid — Instructor register

Design Colloquium 2010 for ‘Design First Firms’ sponsored by Breuer Consulting and Cameron McAllister Group,
San Francisco CA 
May 13, 2010

Green Infrastructure, The Backbone of the Sustainable Community

How will the burgeoning sustainability ethic affect design outcomes?
Jim Heid — Speaker download the presentation
Green Infrastructure, The Backbone of the Sustainable Community, ULI Th!nk, Sacramento District Council   Thursday, March 18, 2010

Green Infrastructure, The Backbone of the Sustainable Community

While the focus of green has been largely on buildings over the past decade, community sustainability is where significant gains in reducing GHG. This presentation summarizes some key principles for approaching more sustainable infrastructure design and then uses UrbanGreen’s recent work in the middle east to illustrate each principle.
Jim Heid — Presenter register to download
Creating Value: Designing for Resilient Cities,
NC State University College of Design, Raleigh NC 
Saturday, March 6, 2010

Creating Value: Designing for Resilient Cities

The 7th Annual Urban Design Conference, Creating Value: Designing for Resilient Cities, will explore the design strategies that cities imagine, develop, and implement as they grow stronger and more vibrant while facing economic, environmental, and social challenges. Presenters and conference attendees will delve into the elements of resiliency that designers, planners, developers and policy-makers use to enhance the value of the cities facing these challenges.
Jim Heid — Presenter register to download
Recovering Green – a joint think tank sponsored by ULI and AIA,
Washington DC
January 25th, 2010
Jointly hosted by the AIA and ULI, this invitation only forum will look at how communities across America are staying focused on green building, green jobs, and wider green economic development efforts, despite having been dealt a heavy blow by the economic downturn. The forum’s intent is to create a roadmap for successful sustainable development as the economic recovery picks up steam. A collaboration of architects, developers, mayors, and others will focus their collective energies toward the creation of a plan for the increased development of sustainable, livable communities.
Jim Heid —Select Invitee Follow what I learn on my twitter feed


Adapting to A Drier West,
ULI Center for the West Symposium, Las Vegas NV
December 8, 2009

Leading experts on water and development took part in a variety of panel discussions at the symposium. These panels focused on the most pressing issues connected to water scarcity and land use, and were an opportunity for panelists to share business, policy, and design perspectives on the most viable solutions. All of the audio and slides from the panel discussions can be found on this page, as available.

Jim Heid — Moderator view proceedings
Greenbuild 2009, Phoenix AZ December 9, 2009

slide from Greenbuild Presentation

This presentation is an UrbanGreen’s excerpt from the larger panel discussion about lessons can from LEED-ND that might be applied to planned communities that exist on the urban edge.
Jim Heid — Panelist view proceedings | register to download
ULI Fall Meeting, San Francisco CA November 2009

slide from Fall ULI presentation

This presentation summarizes what was learned in a 2008 ULI Innovations Forum on sustainable communities on the edge, and what a difference 12 months of economic downturn have made on how we think about community development.
Jim Heid — Panelist register to download
PCBC Hybrid Communities, San Francisco CA June 27, 2009

slide from PCPC Hybrid Communities Presentation

This presentation from the 2009 PCBC, developed in conjunction with Chris Moore, Principal with DTJ Design, demonstrates how we are moving into an era of converging planning and design ideas, resulting in ‘hybrid communities’.
Jim Heid — Co-Presenter register to download
ASU WP Carey School of Business, Temple AZ May 2009

slide from ASU WP Carey School of Business Presentation

As part of ASU’s Business School program in Sustainable Development, Jim Heid shared his reflections and lessons learned for aspiring student seeking to create more a more sustainable world.
Jim Heid — Guest Lecturer register to download


Please register to download a copy of the following presentations:

ULI Hawaii District Council, Honolulu HI
Jim Heid - Keynote

Sustainable Communities on the Edge, Phoenix AZ
Jim Heid - Presenter

Open Space and Urban Nodes CNU XIII, Austin TX
Jim Heid - Panelist

Presidio School of Management Green Developer Series, San Francisco CA
Jim Heid - Guest Lecturer

University of Colorado 2008 Real Estate Forum, Denver CO
Jim Heid - Keynote

2008 PCBC Green Trends, San Francisco CA
Jim Heid - Moderator and Panelist

ULI Sacramento District Council, Sacrament CO
Jim Heid - Keynote

Global Sustainable Development, Urban Land Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jim Heid - Moderator

ARCS 2007 Customer Summit, Half Moon Bay CA
Jim Heid - Presenter

2007 Texas State Land Trust Conference, Texas Land Trust Council, Austin TX
Jim Heid - Keynote

2006 CCAPA Annual Conference, American Planning Association, San Diego, CA
Jim Heid - Presenter

Conservation Development Symposium, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center,
Austin TX

Jim Heid - Keynote

2006 PCBC, California Building Association, San Francisco, CA
Jim Heid - Panelist

2006 Boise Metro Leadership Conference, Boise Chamber of Commerce, Sun Valley ID
Jim Heid - Presenter

2006 National Green Building Conference, National Association of Home Builders, Albuquerque NM
Jim Heid - Panelist

American Society of Landscape Architects 2005 Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale FL
Jim Heid - Presenter

Smart Growth That Pays, The Conservation Fund/Urban Land Institute, Miami FL
Jim Heid - Presenter

2005 Green Communities Forum, Washington DC
Jim Heid - Presenter

4th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth, Portland OR
Jim Heid - Presenter


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