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Sustainable Land Use Strategy

Early Decisions for Optimizing Sustainability
What are the early stage development decisions that will create the most effective platform to achieve sustainability over the long term?

UrbanGreen’s decade of work, combined with the founder’s twenty-eight years of experience in design and real estate development processes, provides unmatched knowledge of the critical decision points that have the greatest impact on sustainability. These include site location, programming decisions, land use and site organization, to name a few. The objective is to define the early magnitude of impact on energy, ecology, carbon footprint, project economics and market positioning before too many dollars are invested in the project’s concept.

Sustainable  Master Plans

How do you seamlessly combine best practice land planning with appropriate sustainable land use solutions?  How can you optimize the synergy between physical design and high performance infrastructure, community form and resource conservation?

UrbanGreen‘s body of work has grown from a prior professional practice in land planning and community design. From this experience, we work alongside land planners and architects to help infuse sustainability practices into initial planning and detailed design concepts. This sustainability ‘from-the-start’ helps forge master plans that are holistic in their approach, rather than applied green techniques to fulfill rating points or entitlement requirements. In the end our clients see higher performance at the same or less capital cost.

Peer Review + Advocacy

Given the rapidly evolving body of knowledge and number of firms claiming to have sustainability expertise, are you sure your team is delivering the best possible outcome (sustainably AND economically) for your development?

Similar to seeking a second opinion from the doctor, there are times when an objective, fresh look at an early stage alternative(s) will save money while optimizing sustainability and project economics. UrbanGreen’s fluency with a cross section of project types and regional best practices can validate or potentially refine emerging project alternatives before it is too late.

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