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What We Do

UrbanGreen® is a Strategic Consultancy focused on processes and solutions that result in a more sustainable built environment.


Combining the strategic perspective of a management consultant, the creativity of a design firm and the entrepreneurial attitude of a real estate developer, UrbanGreen’s hybrid practice approach responds to the increasing complexity associated with achieving high quality, sustainable development at all scales and in various settings

The firm’s founder – Jim Heid – combines visionary thinking with a commitment to implementation. A pioneer in defining the concepts and metrics of the sustainable community, Jim’s hallmarks are his knowledge of what’s working and an articulate communication style. These two skills are used to create synergy and balance between the requirements of the client, concerns of various stakeholders, the skills of the assembled team and the realities of the marketplace.

Whether working for a day as a provocateur or over several years leading complex interdisciplinary teams, Jim relies on an integrated, collaborative approach that leverages four core competencies:

Strategy – uncanny ability to distill complex ideas into clear, guiding frameworks that are memorable, meaningful and enduring
Facilitation – insightful questions and thoughtful leadership draw out the best from diverse stakeholders while crafting forward-looking but grounded outcomes
Communication – precise word choice and an articulate, energetic, style convey techniques and lessons learned, while creating a call to action.
Expertise - years researching, defining, advising and teaching sustainability
translates to solutions that go beyond jargon and fads, but are uniquely customized to the mission or brand of the sponsor.

Through experience built serving clients around the globe, we leverage smart growth, urbanism, placemaking, mixed use and creative approaches to market and capital structures to deliver sustainability at a more meaningful level than can be achieved through prescriptive ‘rating schemes’.  Typical Services Include:

  • Project framing and team selection
  • Integrated Design Process structure and management
  • Project Vision, Values and Development Principles
  • ‘Bespoke’ Sustainability Frameworks
  • Stakeholder, Team and Public Facilitation
  • Entitlement Strategy and Presentations
  • Peer and ‘Provocateur’ Reviews
  • Sustainability Implementation Action Plans

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